Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun new project......

Hi there! I wanted to share something I did this past week for my son's kinder teacher.  It was her birthday and I wanted to do something fun for her but something that would not cost a lot.  Aha! I remembered seeing this on Pinterest and I thought that might be a cute idea....plus, I remembered I had TONS of dum-dum suckers I bought on clearance after Halloween!! :)

I bought this little jewel at CVS for like 75% off or something LAST Valentine's day.....or at least I think. It was in my stash of this-is-a-great-deal-so-buy-it-because-you-might-use-it-one-day. :)
Kinda sad, but I knew it could be freshened up! I took off all the cheapy-looking plastic and started from scratch. First, I had all of the kiddos sign the pot. Then I started.

I used the same piece of styrofoam it came with and then I started sticking the suckers in it. All around. Everywhere. :) And it looked like this. :)
I liked it but it was missing something......I knew I was going to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the chalkboard spot but it needed some height.  Hmm....I found some tall plastic sundae spoons. NO idea why I have these. Anyway. I thought they would work....a little hot glue on the back of that thing and there you go! :) (Like my neat work area in the background?) I changed the little flower-thing where you put a photo too.  I just added her initial on some scrapbook paper.....better.

Then I attached the two little cute lotion/spray thingies to two other spoons, added a few more dum-dums and wrote happy birthday!!


She really loved it! Thanks to PINTEREST for the inspiration!

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  1. Adorable, you are so creative. Teacher's motto: eat dum dums, don't be one! I'm thinking we should all be shopping from each other's stash of "it's-a-great-deal-so+buy-it-cuz-you-might-use-it-someday"! (Susan Billy)

  2. Susan Billy.....I LOVE you! and I love your teacher's motto! HA! Please come shop from my stash any time! :)

  3. I'm dropping by as the guest judge on The CSI Project this week. This turned out great. I love how you turned a ho-hum container into something really special.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I love the CSI project and though I am a novice, I love blogging and so many of you girls who have done it awhile inspire me! <3 I appreciate your sweet words. :)