Friday, March 23, 2012

From table runner to bench pillow

OK. I have never claimed to be a professional. So....take that into consideration while reading this post. :) Remember, I am frugal at heart so I am always trying to find a way to do something without breaking the bank. :)

Remember this table runner I made awhile back???

I loved it.....but I also wanted a really LLLOONNGGG pillow for my bench on the front porch and didn't want to make another one. :) And here is where I got my thinker on. If this thing was stuffed, it would look like a LLOONNGG bench pillow. Hmmm....and I wonder what I could stuff it with?? I don't want to go out and buy stuffing......hmm. Let me think. Let me look around here....oh, wait,.....first, I ripped the seam open with my handy seam I CAN stuff it. :)

Yes...that is plastic bags in there, paper from a shipping box, and the arm to this sweater pillow I made! Ha!!! Whatever it takes. I literally shopped the house for things to stuff in here, and then I let it lay around until I found more things to put in it and when it was stuffed, it was ready to go!! :)

I hot glued it back together. :) Didn't feel like sewing. Then she was ready to go......

Love it. :)

 I LOVED my coffee bag pillow but I wanted MORE from the burlap pillow! :) So I ran inside, stamped the word SIT on it......better. :)
Here she is!!! Makes you want to sit and stay awhile......and use whatever you have to STUFF! HA!

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  1. The pillows are perfect for your lovely rustic bench..LOVE !!

  2. Visiting from the CSI Project, this is such a fun pillow! I love how it looks with your other pillows on the bench, great addition!

    1. Thank you Taryn! I think it has found it's permanent position on the bench! :) Thank you for stopping by!