Friday, February 24, 2012

Updating the shelves for Spring.....

OK. I needed to update my kitchen shelves. I LOVE all the white shelves, white kitchens, white furniture out there...I do.....but I cannot possible change everything in my house to ALL WHITE. :) I love my dark wood but I wanted a change. So, I decided to try something I have seen out in blogland....papering (like wallpapering!) the back of my shelves......with wrapping paper! :)

I bought some clearance paper after Christmas that was black and white, thinking ahead that I might want to use it for something other than Christmas. So, I pulled that out.

First, let me remind of you what my shelves were is how they looked at Christmas. These are shelves in my kitchen above the desk.

Love them, and love my milk glass in them, but don't love all of the BROWN. :)
So.....I cleared the shelves first.
Then I took them all down and dusted them! Whew! There was a lot of dust. :)

Yes! There is my paper peeking out! I wiped down all the wood to get all the YUCKY off. Then I unrolled it and just stuck it up there.....Yep. With double-sided tape. :) far so good. It has held. I just thought this was the best solution for easy-up-easy-down when I get tired of it want to change it.

Then I took the scissors and pressed them into the corner and tore off the piece that was too long.
 I finished one side and then put the shelves back in, and then got started on the other side.
And then I forgot to take a picture with all the paper up. :( So, I started loading back in all of my milk glass and "white things."

And I thought it was boring. It needed something.....a punch of color. So, I started adding some green. Green seems to be everywhere right now and it is a great color for spring!

Better! I love the punches of green...makes me excited for spring and the Easter season! Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Remember these frames????

EVERYONE had one and they were everywhere!  I think we had 5 or 6 that said all sorts of things......MOM, DAD, BROTHERS......we had quite a few. I took them all to Goodwill but for some reason this one didn't make I decided to try something. :) First, the "orangey" wood had to go. I took it outside (we had a beautiful day here in TX!) and sprayed the whole thing with primer.
Then I took my VERY old and yucky  favorite Ralph Lauren glaze and wiped it over the whole thing.

Then I wiped it off. That is the great thing about using a glazing product. You can add more or wipe it more depending on the look you want. :)
Then I liked it, but didn't love it. I know......I took my sander to it and gave it a good sanding! The finished product.......
OH WAIT.........

Much better!! 

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's mantel and how-to's

Me again.......Wanted to get my valentine mantel posted before all the crazy Super Bowl shenanigans get started today! Are you guys as excited to see all the cool commercials? That is what I like the best!

I bought some clearance red beads from Target and some red and white paper-chain stuff that I knew I could use for Valentine's day. So I put that up first, then I bought some felt heart ornaments at Target that I knew I would use too.

So I cut the tags off and then stuck some glitter letters on them.

Then I strung them on twine and hung them up with the clearance beads and paper chain. Then I remembered I had these clearance patio lights I bought awhile back and decided to do something I had seen done around Christmas.....I can't remember where I saw it, probably on Pinterest, but I decided to copy it.

I cut the blue and green color thingies on them off first. Then I punched a hole in the bottom of some red and white cups I bought on the dollar row at Christmas (and never used). I strung the light through and then added that little protective cover thingie back on to hold the cup in place.

I tried the "cup" lights on the mantel but no one liked it...including me. :) So I thought....why not put them in the fireplace with my wicker balls (that I painted white)? I LOVE it! And it looks so good at night! Here is the finished product........(WARNING: Picture overload).

 Whoops.....don't mind the red duct tape. :)

Have a wonderful Super Bowl Day!!

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