Saturday, November 5, 2011

A few more small projects......

T-shirt from the Dollar Tree
 Thanks for all the sweet comments and compliments! :) Makes me smile. I wanted to post a few more small projects I have done. I have a list of a MILLION things to do/finish up, but don't we all???? So...enjoy! I am working currently on TTRRYYINGG to finish my craft room and getting my oldest son Chandler's room finished.....the painting is all that is left with the re-do. UGH! I NEED to finish. On my to-do list this weekend. Hope to post pics soon......have a great evening~
Trace (or free-hand) whatever birthday "number" your kiddo is.......I think I left it on for a few hours.
 Throw it in the washer by itself and wash.  Voila......a birthday shirt!

Have a T-shirt you love and can't part with.......a travel pillow cover! As I get better at this blog thing, I will post tutorials. :)


  1. YOU'RE SIMPLY AMAZING...THE BESTEST FRIEND AND MOST CREATIVE FRIEND I HAVE!!!! So glad you finally started this blog, now I can look at it and tell you what I want you to make me!!! Go're awesome! Love ya!!!