Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another "late" Christmas present project

Well, my friend Sheri and i have this deal.....I actually think most of my friends and I have this deal......we DO NOT have to give birthday and/or Christmas gifts on time! Whew! Thank goodness! :) They know me all too well, and hey, it is kinda fun to get a "late" present, right? Keeps the fun going and going.....anyway. :) Awhile back she told me about a saying her grandma used to use all the time and how much she loved it. I made a mental note about it and decided I would do "something" with this info regarding a gift for her for Christmas. Well, in Niki fashion, I TOTALLY forgot what she said the saying was and then one day it just came back to me (whew! and thank you Lord) so I thought...I better get started on this. I forgot to take pics of the whole process unfortunately, but i still got enough for you to get the picture. First, using the old reclaimed fence Mr. KKP retreived(still loving that we have SO MUCH wood left), I asked him if he would secure the boards together for me. (And in doing so I got another tutorial on the nail gun...yay!). So...he did.

 First we lined up the boards the way I wanted them. As you can see, I had already painted two of them thinking the words might fit on there.....NOT! Then we turned them over to secure the other boards on the back.

 Isn't my craft room lovely in the background? :) And TA-DAH! Perfect. :) Thanks honey.

Umm....the next part is where I forgot to take pics. Sorry. I then painted all the boards a different color. I just dry-brushed some paint on the other boards and then stamped the saying on it. I didn't want it to be "perfect" as I wanted it to look kind of "oldish."

And there you go!
She really loved it and it made me SO HAPPY to see her like it so much!

If you haven't jumped on the "52 verses in 2012" with the Blake family, please do! We are learning Romans 8:18 this week. I hope to post the verses in the side -bar some time this week. Hope your week has been great!

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  1. I used to sing that to my babies when they were fussy...thanks for the memory! "I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck" x456; it's do miss it when it's gone, crying a little now ;-)

  2. Love, love, love it! So talented! I love your new craft room! So cute!

  3. So sweet that it is a quote that means something to her. I love the colors and font. Thanks for linking up at Burlap & Denim's Reclaimed Wood party!

    1. Thank you Amanda! It was great fun to do! Hoping to link up two more projects before your "party" is over.....LOVE your blog! :)