Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today's frugal facts

OK...At the risk of sounding "cheap", I am going to put two frugal facts out there that I have done quite a bit and it has been wonderful and a great money-saving tool. Ready?

Re-use ziploc bags! :)

That is easy right? I know this is not rocket science, and I am definitely not the first to come up with this idea, but it is really a great one.  Now, don't judge or be afraid to ever eat here again thinking that cookie I gave you might have been in an "old, used ziploc bag" that housed yesterday's dinner. :) Nope! Not even close. I try to label them as I empty them. I might write BREAD on the outside knowing it housed leftover rolls, dinner loaf, etc. That way, I can go back and put bread in it again. Now, I don't re-use them for 3 years or anything like that. When they get worn, I throw them out. But think about this....I was cleaning the kitchen this morning, and had two brand new baggies that I stuck left-over deli bread in (that we used to make french toast last week) and another I used for about 10 ginger cookies I had left from a box. Why throw those baggies away? They were used ONCE. Really. them. Find a place that will work to house them, and that you will remember :), and re-use them. :) Also, wondering what happened to the content of those bags? That brings me to frugal fact #2.

Freeze "old" or left-over cookies and bread, cereal and cracker bits, and use them for your next dinner. :)

I put the bread in the freezer and the cookies too. Next time I need a pie crust, or ice cream topping, I will grab the ginger cookies, and crush them or stick them in the food processor and add them to the crust or add them to ice cream. :). The cracker bits/cereal bits have been known to find their way into the same baggie and then processed together to cover country fried steak, chicken and/or pork chops. :) Of course, you can't use Fruity Pebbles for this, but you can use Life, Cheerios, Crispix or Chex, which are a few of the cereals we eat. The bread will process great too and then I use the bread crumbs for the same thing. Try it....and you won't have to buy bread crumbs in the box again. :) Good luck!

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