Friday, January 13, 2012

How is Luke 9:23 going?

HI...just checking in to see how everyone is doing on the verse memorization for the week??? I think all of us have memorized it here. :) Well.....except Preston. I need to incorporate the easiest version for him. Note to self to do next week. :)

Loving what this verse says this week and what it means......taking up our cross daily. Wow. That is a hard one but God knows this is hard. I guess that is why he says daily. Day by day....the only way. :) The part about "turning" from our selfish ways....good one too. Jesus says not to just stop, but to "turn" from it...literally to turn our back on it, repent, change. Whew. Working on that one.

Enjoy the three-day weekend if you have it. We do. Lots of family time and maybe some craftin'. I am due. Need to get some new pics up. Hugs~

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