Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A valentine's project....or two......

Good morning! I wanted to post a quick valentine project I worked on the other day. I wanted something for my front door. I had this wreath with this tinsel galore on it...I think I got it last year at Big Lots after valentine's day....but I wasn't diggin' the red tinsel.

So, I realized I had a bit of red burlap left over from a previous project. So I jumped right in! I wrapped the wreath in the burlap. I just wrapped it right over the tinsely-stuff.

So there you go. Then....and this next part I forgot to take a picture of...sorry.....I decided I wanted to do a burlap flower forit. I cut a piece of burlap, pulled a string out to "bunch it up", then wrapped it in a circle.....ta-dah! A flower! then I took my scrabble tiles and spelled L-O-V-E on the flower and glued it on.

I took some upholstery webbing and hung the heart from that, and then put an old white frame I had around it and hung it on the door. Done! Whatcha think?

The last project was a wreath for my chalkboard in the entry area. I bought some old sheet music at an estate sale awhile back. I just folded it up, hot glued the papers to a small circle wreath form I bought at the dollar tree, and attached a heart in the middle. Since this picture the heart has fallen off. I need to find something lighter. This is a plastic plate. :) I forgot to take pics again. I am trying to remember but sometimes I get to creatin' and just forget. :)

Have a blessed day!!! ~hugs~

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  1. Amazing as always! Wish I had the ability to think up this stuff....will just have to copy you I guess! ;-)

  2. Don't give me too much credit girl....I have seen these wreaths all over the blogosphere and I am always using burlap for something around here...but yes, feel free to copy! I do! I try to give credit if I can remember where I saw something, especially if I make an exact replica! But you are too sweet girl! <3

  3. Love your heart re-do. Looks great! Like the frame idea too. I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to return visits. I invite you to join me as well on my blog at
    Hugs, Gayle.

  4. What an improvement! I'm not much of a tinsel gal, but I'm crazy for burlap! And those scrabble letters... Simply charming!

    Found you on Craft-O-maniac
    Visiting from Well Rounded,