Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where did I put my "finds"?

My friend Angie asked me to post what I did and where I put all of my "finds". So....I am going to show you! I have got to finish a few projects so I can post them much to do and so little time. :) Here are a few pics......
 I just put some pillows in my fun basket.............(I have got to take the time/date stamp off my little camera.)
 I put some letters and a vintage valentine on my fun shutter. I might paint it this summer.

 I bought this crate initially for my son's lego men but instead decided to use it in my family room. Sorry Preston. :)
 Do you love the laundry on the couch?
My new vintage bread box I am loving. It reminds me of my grandmother's house when i was growing up, except hers was silver.

That's it.....HOPE (the operative word) to post more projects later today!

PS I LOVE Saturday night church so I can hang out Sunday morning, drink coffee, have donuts with the kiddos, and look over blogs!!

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