Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just because.....a few projects and a few before/afters........

Sad but beautiful frame with potential (found at Goodwill)

I painted it off~white, glazed it and then added my friend's kitchen fabric behind it. I wrapped a "b" in twine and glued it on....and there you go!
 I did this project a while back. I bought this white board with these clips at the resale store and never could quite get an idea of what to do with it or what to use it for! I tried just stickers on it, with the boy's names. I thought we could post their chores on it but that didn't work.....of course. :) So....I saw this project on the Shanty girls site and knew this could possibly look like I took off the clips, covered it with burlap, added numbers, painted the clips.....
 then added ribbon and sweet pics of my boys. Wow.....much better. :) Thanks, as always, to the Shanty girls for their inspiration!!
Another very simple project.....the one below. Take a block of wood, paint it, add some vinyl and a drawer handle at the top...and some ribbon....and there you sis loved it!

Last but not least, the "anniversary" pillow I made my BFF in Kentucky. Though VERY imperfect and my very FIRST pillow of this type, it looked pretty good, but more importantly...she loved it! 
Thanks for letting me share......more posts and our plans for 2012 soon!!!


  1. Yes! I did love my family anniversary block! Thanks sis! You are very talented! Love you!

  2. CUTE ideas!!! love the frame you is so great. I have some frames I need to do something with so I just may have to copy you.