Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas decorating

Well, I have finally gotten a small handle on some of my Christmas decorating, and I have actually NOT bought a thing. I used what I had...or what I didn't have as I kept it simple this year. Here are a few sneak pics but I am not done....yet. :) Hope to post some of the finished pics later this week.

 There have been hundreds of these on blogs and Pinterest, so really nothing new except I wanted one. :) So I made one. With burlap. Then stamped it with letter stamps and red paint. Easy Peasy.
 Had this old frame and this "musical" wreath from last year so I hung it on the frame and captured some of the music garland under my homemade cloche and took a dollar store candle and wrapped a piece of music around it and some "burlapy" ribbon.
 This is a red burlap banner that I stamped the word BELIEVE in with white paint, and then I had a little green ric-rac left, so I just stuck it between the twine and the burlap triangle. :)
These are random letters that I set in front of a piece of tin that Rhett framed with all of that reclaimed fence wood we have. It is fun to put it above the fireplace on the mantle and change the words with the season. Hope to post more pics later this week. Hugs~